Is There Any Hope For Los Angeles Small Business With SEO?

SEO is and digital marketing is the well-known topic for almost every small business owner. Now, most people don’t have good experience with SEO. You might be thinking why? Now before starting let me explain SEO in a few sentences.


SEO is a way to optimize your business web properties to increase your visibility around your targeted industry which will later turn into profit. Now there are hundreds of explanations for that one but this is the best explanation of why and what is SEO?


Do all business owners need SEO?

No, not all business owners need SEO to grow their business. Sometimes you need SEO and Some times you won’t need it. Which also include:

  • If your consumer is using the internet and then you must implement use SEO. since people now look into mobile and pc more than anything you should put yourself there. As an example, if are providing HVAC service in Los Angeles than you should implement SEO to rank in the top of those people search result.
  • Not you will get the same customer. Words of mouth work for only a few days. Then familiar faces are replaced with new and you need to reach those new faces and that’s why you need SEO.
  • You are attending a festival for just a one or week then marketing your show or service through the ad, not SEO. Cause SEO is the long game, gives more fruit for the long run.

Now, most people have experience with a so-called SEO agency or gurus not all have the same experience. Now if you are experienced you will see people come up with stuff that you might not need. They will through metrics that can be manipulated or don’t have anything to do. As an example, they will say that I build a DA 20- DA90 backlink to your site.

Yes, it takes few months to see some real results sometimes and sometimes weeks is enough. It completely depends on the competition. But as a real business owner, you need to ask how fast you will get a positive ROI from those SEO tasks that SEO agencies are doing.

Now while I was talking with a Los Angeles-based SEO agency known as AlchemyLeads they shared their expression of why business and agency fail in SEO.

  • Don’t know what they need to do. Such as keeping up to date with SEO stratgey. Some people don’t spend their resources or time experimenting with what works.
  • The agency is sometimes overcharged, as an SEO agency, it is good to look at lifetime value not snatching some month’s money. They don’t know how to scale SEO tasks and deliver results that’s why they fail on both fronts.
  • Lacking enough focus on conversation, some people drive traffics but never know how to take those traffic and funnel them into a solid lead that will purchase a service or product from a business.

There are many more reasons and factors why people don’t get success. 

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