Easy Ways To Make More OSRS Gold As An F2P

Playing Old School RuneScape in a F2P setting is tough. It’s hard to get enough money for your gaming experience without the help of a RuneScape membership. The most frustrating thing about these online guides is that they often assume you have the option of using P2P mode with unlimited accesses like teleportations and exclusive bank locations.

In this guide, we aim to offer you a comprehensive overview of the top F2P money-making methods. This will be based on what’s best for your character (requirements and difficulty) all judged by how easy they are to do. Now, let us get right into these lucrative tips in making some extra Old School RuneScape money.

Mining Iron Ore

Estimated profit per hour: 150,000 OSRS gold

If you want to make money and get better at the same time, then mining for iron ore is one of the best ways. Mining in OSRS F2P can provide players with up 20k experience an hour if they do it right – making it a popular money-making method for RuneScape beginners.

Slaying Ogress Shamans

Estimated profit per hour: 50,000 to 100,000 OSRS gold

Ogress shamans are the newest monsters in Old School RuneScape. They have only added a few years ago and have not been widely discussed as excellent money-makers for free-to-play players, but they turn up some of the best items – gems, rune helms, or battle axes including runes.

The ogresses will only attack you with magic, but luckily that means their ranged defense is half what it should be. So we recommend using range to dish out the damage done and level up your skills in combat as well.

Cutting yew logs

Estimated profit per hour: 60,000 OSRS gold

Cutting yew logs is an AFK activity, but it can be lucrative. The best locations to do this are Varrock Palace and the Corsair Carve Resource Area (which requires completion of Dragon Slayer). You will need 60 woodcutting levels as well as a rune axe.

You will gain plenty of OSRS woodcutting experience; however, you might not make as much gold per hour compared to other methods like chopping magic or mahogany trees with higher demand in a trade.

Making anchovy pizzas

Estimated profit per hour: 130,000 to 180,000 OSRS gold

Making these pizzas are simple. Cooking anchovy pizzas will require level 55 Cooking, which may sound high but cooking is one of the easiest skills in RuneScape to level up quickly (especially with a little help from some pineapples). In addition, because they have healing properties that are higher than any other food available for free-to-play players – PKers often use this as their go-to food when fighting.

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