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Things You Should Do To Keep Your Windows Looking Tinted For Longer

Dec 17

When you're finished with the tinting of your windows, It's still going on. It's essential to remember that tinted windows require regular maintenance. You can follow steps to ensure your tinted windows last an extended time. How can you ensure your tinted windows last a long time? Are there any easier ways to take care of newly installed tints? Sure, provided you follow the directions, as the most common error made by many people is negligence to the care instructions. It's not like you don't follow the directions for the initial few days. They need your attention immediately after installation. It is essential to take care of your tinted windows after installation. This will have a significant impact on the worth of your home. Learn how to ensure your tinted windows remain up to date for years:

Which tint of windows lasts the longest?

Proper Cleaning

By proper cleaning, we mean deep yet safe cleaning. To your knowledge, a window tint San Diego service is installed on the inside. This means you can wash or clean your windows from outside any time. However, when cleaning the interior of your windows, you have to be patient until the tints are fully dried. If it's not sun-filled and warm, it might take longer.

Only use a tiny amount of water or other cleaning agents, especially after installation. Otherwise, you'll see bubbles pop out. The film will get damaged in this manner. To remove the adhesive residue, you can apply acetone cleaner with cotton. Be sure to clean up after using acetone cleaner cotton. You can clean window tint San Diego service with warm soapy water to avoid chemical residues.

Pick the right fabric.

While it might sound easy, we have seen many people make mistakes. The first thing to remember is not to begin cleaning your window tints. Your windows will require time to dry, so the process goes smoothly.

Now that you've given the streak enough time to dry and it's been a few days since you've cleaned them, you can plan to clean them with the right cloth. It is not necessary to use sponges, brushes, dusters, or towels. You should use a microfiber cloth piece. It is because any other product used for cleaning can ruin the tints, leaving scratches. Simple spray bottles with an absorbent microfiber towel can remove dirt and thoroughly clean.

The quality of the product is more important.

Only professionals should be used when choosing a tint for your San Diego windows. The reason for this is the high end. All of them may not provide the same level of quality. Tints typically look identical; however the quality is what matters in particular for long-term outcomes. Tints made of poor quality can be easily damaged or spoiled, and that happens in a lesser amount of time. A high-quality window tint will never disappoint you. A good tint can last for many years if taken seriously.


Keep an eye out for bubbles.

Bubbles in window tints could suggest a poor quality or incorrect installation. Wait until the tint is dry before looking for bubbles. You should eliminate any window tints that are not of good quality if bubbles remain.


If you had the windows tinted and didn't take care of them for a too long time, you're in the wrong direction. You can your tinted windows to look like new with zero care. Make sure that you take good care of your tinted windows to let them shine for a long time without scratches. This is possible only when you get the expert window tint San Diego installation done. Beware of harsh chemicals and cleaning, and use the right equipment for cleaning.

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