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What Should You Avoid Doing Prior to Purchasing a Home

Nov 19

It's not about purchasing an apartment; you're buying a home. An experienced realtor Centralia, IL is your ideal partner when you're searching for the perfect home.

Beware of making huge deposits into your bank account, or depositing cash.

The sudden appearance of money in your account at the bank makes lenders nervous. They would prefer you keep the money to pay your down payment in exactly the same account for a minimum of two months.

The two-month time frame is referred to by lenders as "seasoning" and interpreted as a sign of stability and your ability to repay the loan. The lender may begin looking at your loan application if it involves large deposits or does anything unusual or unplanned with your finances prior to the purchase of your house.

Do not lie or twist the truth regarding your loan inquiry.

It is possible that you are not in the habit of lying about your financial situation when you fill out the loan application however, the fact should be clearly stated. Lying on a loan application is fraud. If the lender discovers that you mislead or lie in any way, you will almost certainly lose your loan.

If the truth is revealed, even when you lie or commit a mistake, it can lead to serious problems. Make sure you are completely accurate with all information. When you apply for mortgages, it's an offense to alter the information you provide.

Do not allow anyone to ask you questions about your credit.

The credit inquiry is conducted by the company you deal with when you apply for credit, a loan, or any other kind of service. They will do this to determine if you're a safe risk, much as the mortgage lender does.

However, if the mortgage provider notices you've made inquiries, they could conclude that you're trying to take on more debt. Although it may only take a few questions to cancel your loan you shouldn't take unnecessary risks while you're near your house.

Don't spend the money you are going to use to cover closing costs.

Many buyers of homes find that the time leading up to the purchase of a home is difficult because they are facing financial hardship. The financial situation may be quite tight now, which can make the savings for closing costs attractive. But avoid spending it.

One of the last things you want is to find yourself unable to cover closing costs once you're at a stage where you are almost in the house you've always wanted. Be strong and stay away from spending the money if you are able to avoid you.

Don't push yourself too far.

A lot of lenders will offer you the amount you can afford to buy a house. However, what you can get on paper may not necessarily translate into the lifestyle you'll live every day.

Many buyers make the error of overextending their purchasing power. They end up becoming a slave to their home. If you enjoy some nice meals occasionally is something you have been accustomed to being more conservative when it comes to buying a house.

Don't be a co-signer.

When you co-sign a loan, you are obligating yourself financially. It doesn't matter if aren't the principal borrower. If the lender is in urgent need of money and cannot obtain it from another source it will look out to pay.

Home loan lenders are fully aware of this fact and will not approve of any person who decides to co-sign. Like all other issues mentioned above, you need to focus on keeping your financial and credit standing stable and constant until you've closed on the property.

Do not spend more than the value of your home.

Real estate markets can become extremely hot at times. This is referred to as a "seller’s market" in real estate jargon. Most of the country has seen this happen in the last few years. Buyers are in a situation in which winning bids is becoming the norm, not the exception in many places.

In fact, it is more likely that you will find clever ways to beat the next person to the punch, such as the escalation clause of an offer. If you're in such a scenario it's not difficult to go over budget as a homebuyer. You'll probably end up with a house that you love when you've missed out on numerous houses.


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