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BNI's Core Values

Nov 18

BNI's goal is to help members in growing their businesses by providing professional, well-organized referral marketing programs. This helps them establish long-term relationships with top professional business people of high quality.

 CORE Values

 BNI was established on a set of guiding principles that guide our members on how they interact with one another and with each other, how they behave, and what their objectives are. Here is a brief description of the BNI Core Values and the way they influence us.

 Givers Gain

 First, give before you hope to be rewarded. Be generous to build a better world and provide opportunities to everyone. It also builds lasting bonds.

  Traditions and Inspiration

 Tradition is the foundation of what we're made of. But, we must always be looking for ways to be innovative.

  Establishing Relationships

 Networking is about building relationships with new contacts, not searching for them. People prefer doing business with people who they are comfortable with and trust. It's all about establishing these relationships.

 Lifelong learning

 As you gain abilities and knowledge and knowledge, your worth will increase. To be the person you want to be, develop your own curriculum and follow it to achieve your objectives.


 Even in the most difficult times and challenging, we'll keep our word. This helps build trust and strengthens relationships.

 Positive Attitude

 BNI provides a welcoming atmosphere where you can be surrounded by people who are driven to help you achieve your goals. The way we live our lives is affected by the positive events that occur to us. We can attract amazing opportunities, people as well as wealth, and even people by identifying the most positive in each of us.


 Recognizing the importance of recognition is crucial to the growth of successful companies. Happiness, meaning, and success can be achieved by those who achieve the art of recognition.

 The BNI's fundamental values begin with Givers.

 Goodwill and altruism towards each other and the world begin by showing genuine love to everyone. We welcome and promote diversity in all aspects.


 Our Statement on Equality and Non-discrimination

 BNI insists that BNI Chapters choose qualified members to be members in every job category by their qualifications regardless of race or color, as well as gender. BNI will not endorse any decision taken by a BNI Chapter if it is in violation of this policy on equality and non-discrimination.

  Member Safety and Wellbeing

 Our main concern is the safety and well-being of our members. BNI members are able to connect securely from the comfort of their homes or office. BNI Online meetings will be available in the event that Chapter members are at ease doing it at the Chapter level. Contact us at 618-227-7777 should you have any concerns.

  BNI St. Clair County IL

 BNI Chapter receives active support from BNI staff at all levels. They provide instruction, structure, and the latest technology to ensure the ongoing success and development of BNI members.


BNI St. Clair County

929 Edgewood Dr O'Fallon, IL 62269


[email protected]