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Most difficult aspects of bathroom remodeling

Nov 16

Discover the most stressful aspects of bathroom renovations and learn how to avoid them with our easy-to-follow guide.

We know what you’re thinking — the actual renovation is the most stressful aspect of bathroom remodeling St Louis MO. It's also the most stressful aspect for those who do it themselves. In addition, there are other sections and features that you have to look into that cause just as much or more stress than doing the actual labor. What are these features? Continue reading to learn more!

  Do any of these things stress you out?


  Remodeling or upgrading your home can be stressful. Why? because we don't want to spend any money, and we'd like to conserve as much money as we can. You're not only spending money on supplies and materials as well as on tools and contractors. You'll soon be spending thousands of dollars on bathroom renovation. You'll get the majority of your investment back by reselling the price, but you don't want to throw away any. Therefore, you should always create your budget and allocate a set cost for each section. If you work with Valor we'll analyze your budget and then give you a breakdown of each part including labor, materials, and travel expenses, for example.


  Designers are not all created equal. It's even more difficult to achieve when you incorporate plumbing and electricity. If you're not altering the arrangement of your bathroom then you may have a better time measuring and designing the small modifications you're thinking of making like flooring, vanity toilet, vanity, and more. If you need to change some of the elements, such as plumbing or electricity, you will need to consult a designer and contractor to determine what will work best for your bathroom. Our bathroom remodelers will have a designer ready to talk to you about the design of your bathroom.

Time Schedule

 Most homeowners are busy with their lives. From work to the care of their children You may find it difficult or concerning to locate the time to do anything other than the bathroom renovation. Additionally, if you're performing the renovation on your own it's possible that you'll end up spending weeks or months trying to finish the job. If you decide to opt for a contractor, you may have a hard time finding a reliable contractor who isn't already booked months out and you'll be left with shady contractors who may not even complete the project. We recommend choosing a reliable, trustworthy source, even if they are already booked. At Valor we value your time. Based on your availability we'll set up and begin working on your idea. Once the project begins it will take us around 11 days or less to complete it.


  Let's count hands. Have you had a problem with previous contractors? Did they not respond to you? Did they increase their prices without prior notice? They didn't communicate properly. Are they apathetic in their work? If one of these scenarios were ever your experience then we can understand why you wouldn't want to do business with any other contractors. However, we want to inform you that we're not as bad as those. Team Valor prides itself on putting your needs and wants above our own. And we demonstrate that when you first contact us. Our goal is to ensure that your experience is stress-free from the start. Call our team today for more information if this is your desire. We'd love to discuss your project further.




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