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Is duct cleaning a waste of money?

Jul 11

Customers frequently contact us asking if we offer air duct cleaning services. It's true that we cannot offer air duct cleaning service, but you will soon find out that it is not because it's impossible, but because it won't benefit you in most cases.

What Makes You Want to Clean Your Ducts

You may want to hire an air duct cleaning company if your family members are suffering from illness or if you believe that mold is growing in the duct.

You really want cleaner air in your home. Is air duct cleaning really going to make your home cleaner? Is duct cleaning a waste?

We will tell you why we don’t offer duct cleaning services, and also why we don’t recommend it to our customers.

The Truth About Duct Cleansing

Why don't you offer duct cleaning, even though customers request it on a regular basis?

We don't believe it's an investment in our customers' money.

There is no evidence to suggest that your air would be cleaner if your ducts were professionally cleaned. The EPA conducted a study to assess the effectiveness of air duct cleaning.

Your Air Conditioner Already Has A Built-In Cleaning System

HVAC systems come with an integrated cleaning system called an "air filter". The air filter removes particles from the air flowing through the HVAC system.

Although air filters don't always remove every particle of dust, is this really a problem. Most dust that passes through an air filter and enters your duct system doesn't cause any significant decrease in air quality.

According to the EPA study, the majority of dust that blows into your home will stick to your duct's surface. The air filter should catch any dust that blows out of the duct into your home during the next cycle.

Air Duct Cleaning Services can actually damage your air duct

Air conditioners use air filters to clean the air. However, there is no evidence to support the need to clean ducts. HVAC manufacturers don't design ducts that can be cleaned.

If you do decide to use duct cleaning services, make sure it is only for ductwork made of solid sheet metal. Today, however, most homeowners use flexible ducts which can be easily damaged by duct cleaners.

It can cause more damage to the air quality if the duct cleaning isn't done correctly. Dust and insulation particles from torn ducts will be released into the home.

You have no other choice than to replace the damaged air duct. This will result in a higher cost than if the duct was replaced from the beginning.

Duct cleaning doesn't always solve the real problem

Consider the type of duct that you have before you consider duct cleaning for mold problems. If you have ducts made of solid sheet metal, the EPA recommends duct cleaning.

Consumers are advised to verify that the duct contains no biological material. Third-party testing can verify this. Contractors should not be trusted to confirm that there is mold in your air ducts.

While cleaning the air ducts can remove visible mold areas, it is not likely to address the root cause. You may end up fighting the same battle in the future.

Mold can continue to grow if it is not addressed immediately. Duct cleaning won't help unless you address the root cause.

A Better Way To Get Cleaner Indoor Air

We have some better options if you're considering cleaning your air ducts to get cleaner air.

Install a Reme Halo Device

Air filters are great for removing particles from the air but to kill bacteria, viruses and mold you need additional technology like the Reme Halo device.

You can insert the Reme Halo device into existing ductwork. It distributes ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules once it is installed. Hydroperoxide molecules are effective against airborne contaminants like bacteria, mold, and dander. Hydroperoxide also charges any air particles it comes in contact with. This causes them to stick together and makes it easier for your filter to remove larger particles.

Already, the REME HALO has been used in restaurants, hospitals, restaurants, food processing facilities, and other industrial applications. It can be easily installed at home, providing cleaner, safer air.


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