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Jun 2


Homeowners often look for ways of saving money on their projects. You can do some tasks yourself, such as painting cabinets. There are however some tasks that you should leave to professionals, such as plumbing and electrical. Pest control is also governed by this logic. Sometimes you can do it yourself. Some cases can be handled by you, but others require the assistance of someone with knowledge about pest behavior. See below for more information about when to seek help.


Although DIY methods can be followed according to the instructions, they don't have the same level of knowledge as a professional pest control specialist. These pest professionals spend their lives identifying and removing them. Many DIY bed bug treatments are available on the market. But a professional pest specialist knows that bedbug treatment is not always "one-size fits all". It is possible to save your time and frustration by consulting a pest professional.


Do-it-yourself pest control may appear cheaper initially, but it can end up costing more than hiring professionals in the long term. Professional pest technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best method for your pest problem. DIY may require you to go through a lot more trial and error before you can make any progress.


Every chemical you use comes with potential danger. Most of the available DIY pest treatment options are safe to use at home. However, it is important to exercise caution when using chemicals you are unfamiliar with. These chemicals could cause injury to people, pets, or plants. These potential dangers can be eliminated by hiring a pest expert. The technician will inspect your house and determine your needs.


DIY methods can work for small infestations if they are done properly. If you have recurring infestations or are concerned about stinging insects, termites, or bed bugs in Tampa FL it is best to contact a professional. Here's why:

  • Stinging insects pose serious health hazards. Half a million people visit the emergency room each year because of stinging insects.
  • Termites can be extremely destructive and cause damage to property worth more than $5Billion annually. Pest professionals are trained in the biology and behavior of termites. They are able to perform routine inspections that can spot signs of termite infestations and if needed, they have the skills and knowledge to successfully treat them.
  • Bed bugs are not something you should attempt to eradicate on your own. One reason is that bed bugs are difficult to spot. They can be found hiding behind electrical switches or under wallpaper. A trained pest specialist will be able to identify the places where bed bugs may hide in your home. Then, they can create a treatment plan to eliminate the pests and ensure the safety of your family members and pets.
  • If you have recurring pest infestations in your home, it could indicate that the environment is just too inviting for them.


DIY pest control methods are easy to use because they can be done at a time that suits you. Many people feel that hiring a professional pest management company is too costly and disruptive to their lives. Reputable companies will work with you so that they come at a time that is convenient for you.

Ready to contact a professional? Our certified pest technicians are standing by. Just contact us to tell us about your problem and we will be in touch within a few hours.


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