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How Do You Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Apr 23


Preparation is the key to successful maintenance of structures in the real world. The roof is a crucial part of a building and when the protection of structure is necessary, you need to access a network of commercial roofing contractors in order to obtain the price and service. Commercial roofing contractors are skilled in various areas, which includes preparing your roof to withstand the harsh winter.

Protection of your commercial roofing is essential. It starts with a thorough inspection and cleaning that identifies current and potential problems. In order to prepare your building to be prepared for weather conditions, spring and fall are the best time to begin your maintenance program.


Get help from roof repair Gilbert, Arizona to get your business's roof to weather the winter months.

Your Commercial Roof Needs to be clean

To ensure that your roof is in good condition in the winter months, it's important to get rid of any obstructions that could create problems. Make sure the commercial roofing company you hire to clean the roof after you've scheduled your annual maintenance inspection. A thorough cleaning will get rid of any potential issues, like mold, moss, or the clogging of drains. Animals are another issue that is often ignored. When the weather is cold rodents look for shelter, and this can result in all kinds of issues when they attempt to dig into the roofing structure. If left alone, animals' feces can cause problems. The harsh acids in the feces can also burn through roofing systems.


When you winterize your roof it is essential to keep animals from nesting and living on the roofs. The best tips for controlling animals are removal of materials that could be used for nests, closing any openings that invite rodents into your premises, ensuring that food sources from the building trimming trees and working to reduce the amount of ponding. Broken branches are a common issue. They can lead to punctures to your roof and cause damage to your roof. For more information, contact roofer gilbert Ariz.


Schedule Roof Inspections

Inspections of your roof's fall are essential for proper maintenance and care of your roofing system. It is the place where any issues that you might not be aware of will be discovered. Resolving the issues now that will negatively impact your roof is precisely why inspection is essential. An emergency roof repair in winter can be expensive, but small repairs and inspection is not.


In the freeze-thaw cycle during winter, tiny holes in your roof membrane can open up that let water in through, which can cause leaks inside your building. If the cause of your problem is clogged drains, water can back up and freeze in the drains, leading to pipes to explode. Check the following areas during your roofing inspection: Ensure that the downspouts and gutters are clear. Also, clean out any clutter or debris that has accumulated around drainage pipes. The seals and flashings need to be shut to shield them from the elements.


Fix Your Roof before the winter months arrive.

Repairs should be scheduled before the snow melts if wish to avoid roofing catastrophes. There are many reasons why you should, and here is an inventory of the top problems you might face when it comes to winter roofing repairs. Winter repairs can be stressful for both the owners and those who use the building. Snow causes safety issues, roofing materials require warming before they are put up, and snow can be a protection against hazards and risks on the roof which can be risky. The changing weather conditions can create roofing problems . Holes which cause leaks expand, ponding issues become headaches and drainage is impeded because of the formation of ice on the roof. Las Vegas roofing firms provide professional services.

Have a Snow Removal Plan

Like water, snow can be the enemy of roofs. It can cause structural issues and snow removal too quickly could result in more damage. Here are two suggestions to deal with snow on your roof. Install wind baffles for protection drainage and install snow guards to stop the accumulation of snow on the flat roof, hire Advocy roofing to get the right job done.



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