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How To Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Session

Apr 21

How To Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Session


Boudoir photography sessions are all about feeling empowered, seeing yourself in a new light, and enjoying being the center of attention while beautiful photos are being taken of you.  Sounds exciting right? Here is a quick checklist of the things you will need to do in order to be ready for your boudoir shoot.

First, let’s talk about what you need in your boudoir bag.  Make sure you have at least 3 lingerie outfits and also bring some extras like an oversized sweater, jeans, or even a cocktail dress.  Your photographer will narrow down your looks based on the location, lighting, and desired outcome.  Accessories are a must.  Remember, simple, stylish, and sexy.  Try on some pearls, stockings, a button-down shirt, robe, heels, or any other themed accessories you would like to try.  Nothing is off-limits here.  It's your boudoir photography session after all. 

Water and snacks.  Bring some water with you and also a light snack if needed.  You will probably be a little nervous and not want to eat, but as the session goes on you may want a little refreshment to keep your energy level up.


How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photography Session


Think about and research what boudoir looks you really like.  Are you wanting classic boudoir outfits like bra and panties with stockings and garters or do you like casual boudoir with jeans and shirts.  Perhaps you want to do something a little edgier and ditch the outfit altogether.  Now is the time to start thinking about what you want. 

Once you decide on the theme, it’s time to shop. Give your comfort zone a little push here.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Remember to find outfits that fit your body correctly.  Not to lose and not too tight.  If there is one thing we have seen time and again, it is improper fitting bras.  Many women think their boobs will look bigger with a smaller bra on.  Although that may sound reasonable, it doesn’t photograph correctly and the natural curves don’t look so natural. Not to mention your skin will have lines when the bra comes off.  This is very difficult to get rid of in post-production.

Now that you have your theme selected, and outfits lined up, it is time to narrow things down.  Select your favorite 3 to 5 boudoir choices.  Really let your personality come through.  For most women, doing a boudoir shoot is a one-time thing, however, it shouldn’t have to be.  We will do another blog post about the benefits of yearly sessions.  For now, let’s assume this is it.  Go big, be bold, and try new things!


Your Boudoir Session is Almost Here


Your boudoir session is only a few days away now!  It is time to think about your skin. On the topic of hair removal, it is really a personal choice.  From the camera’s perspective if you are going to be doing nude boudoir shots hair tends to not photograph very well.  Our recommendation would be to show up hair-free.  Should you wax or shave?  This totally depends on you.  Waxing has its advantages but you will need to give yourself time to heal.  If you decide waxing is for you, do it around 5 days out.  If you are going to shave, be very careful about razor burn, bumps, and irritation.  Skin irritation is very difficult to edit out of your photos. This all being said, the key no matter what you decide is to give your skin time to heal.

Avoid spray tans no matter how professional they may be.  This also includes tanning lotions.  More often than not, you will be a wonderful glowing orange in your photos and it is nearly impossible to edit it out.  

Have we mentioned hydration?  It is so important to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your boudoir shoot.  Hydrated skin looks amazing on camera and the only way to get that look is to drink plenty of water.


Your Boudoir Photography Shoot is Tomorrow!


You are really about to do this!  All the preparation has been done and now it is time to shine.  Here are the last few things to do.  Remember to remove all the tags from your boudoir outfits.  You do not want tags in your photos whatsoever. Next thing; Manicure and pedicure.  Treat yourself.  This time is all about you.  Avoid bright colors and stick with neutral tones. Continue to hydrate and moisturize your skin. On the day of your shoot, wear loose clothing so you don’t have lines on your skin from your bra or panties.  Pack your boudoir bag and get ready to feel sexy, empowered, and confident!