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Which is better: Roof Replacement or Re-roofing?

Nov 25

Which is better: Roof Replacement or Re-roofing?

Previous Next: Re-roofing a damaged room. While the roof is the largest investment you make in your house, it also offers the highest return on your investment when it's done correctly. Statistics show that a new roof sells for over 80% of its original price.


When it comes time to restore your roof, the most important decision is whether to re-roof the whole roof or replace it entirely. Let's examine both options to decide which option is best.


What's the process of re-roofing?

Re-roofing your roof is the fastest and most affordable way to make it look new again.


A new shingle overcoat is applied to the old shingles to improve the appearance of your roof. It also acts as a barrier to prevent water from getting into your home.


A roof with only one layer is suitable for re-roofing. If your roof has two layers, it is not allowed to have a third layer. Instead, roofing contractors in Las Cruces will replace the entire roof.


The Advantages of ReRoofing


  • Re-roofing is an affordable option for roof repair. It doesn't take a lot of labor, time, or supplies.

  • It is not necessary to replace the entire roof. Re-roofing is therefore the fastest and most cost-effective way to fix your roof.

What is a Roof Replacement?


Once your roof is replaced completely, the old shingles can be removed to reveal the deck. Next, the deck is covered with felt paper or underlayment to protect it from moisture and other factors. The underlayment or felt papers are then covered with new shingles. This will create a roof that lasts at least 20-years.


It is important to repair decks that are severely damaged to avoid any future damage. This could result in a hole below the deck.


Benefits of a Complete Roof Replace


  • The roof can be re-roofed, but it is not as durable as a new roof.

  • It doesn't matter how many layers you have on your roof, it can still be done.

  • Re-roofing can cause deck problems such as rot, and eventually lead to the roof failing. A thoroughly renovated roof will address all issues and provide a safer, more durable roof.

  • You save money long-term because you can detect early signs and symptoms of decay and sag in your deck. Later, water may leak into your walls, causing expensive repairs to the flooring and drywall.



How to choose between complete roof replacement or re-roofing

You may need to re-roof if there are small problems or leaks. This is usually the case when the roof has reached its end.


Re-roofing may be possible if you have only one layer of asphalt shingles on your roof. Re-roofing may be necessary for a small area of the roof. Otherwise, it may be difficult to see the roof's unevenness.


Partially re-roofing a roof with two layers of roofing shingles will require that both layers be removed. This will increase labor and disposal costs. Partially re-roofing can be more costly because roofers charge by the square (10 x 10 ft).


However, if the deck is showing signs of severe water damage, is sagging, mildew, or mold development, it will need repair.


People who simply want to feel confident that their roof and shingles are in great shape may consider a complete roof restoration. For a sturdy and long-lasting roof, the roofer will inspect and correct any deterioration. This gives you more peace of mind than worrying about it until it is too late.


Last but not least, if you are concerned about cost, re-roofing is an option. If the deck isn't damaged, however, the key is to select quality roof shingles that will last 10 years or more.


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