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Pest Control: Why is it necessary?

Nov 25

Pest Control: Why is it necessary?


Rodents and insects can bring disease to your home, infest your bedroom and kitchens, and bite your pets. Pest control is essential. Your goal is to keep your home and yard safe and healthy by eliminating all pests. Rodents may leave excrement in or near your food, as an example. Accidentally eating contaminated food can cause you to become very ill. Pests of any kind can transmit viruses and germs to humans that require long-term treatment. Other pests can also aggravate existing medical conditions such as asthma.


The vast majority of insects are found outside your home. If you only find one or two of them, they most likely came into the house with your dog or groceries. They are not an issue. You may be experiencing an infestation if you are noticing insects every day, even after trying unsuccessfully to eliminate them with store-bought remedies.


You should call an exterminator as soon as you notice that insects can transmit disease and bacteria, such as E.coli and salmonella. Each of these can lead to serious digestive problems. Particularly for people suffering from lung disease, the potential dangers of feces and insect body parts being discarded can be dangerous.



Rodents can cause serious property damage and can lead to long-term health issues. Even here, rats are carriers of the Hantavirus virus, salmonella, and tularemia viruses. Rodents run thousands of kilometers each year in search of fleas and other tiny parasites.


These rodents should be kept out of your living space termites Florida so that your family is safer and more healthy. The exterminator helps to manage these rodents. This will keep your family protected from the diseases that rodents can carry.




They are known for their cruelty and hostility, as well as the disease they transmit. If they sting the wrong person, however, it can prove fatal.


They can be found in the eaves of your home, in your grass, or your garden. They are usually not provoked and will leave you alone unless you do. The biggest danger is their ability to sting many times. Bee or wasp stings can cause severe allergic reactions and result in death within minutes. It is important to remove any trace of a nest/hive as soon as possible.


Pest control is essential to protect your family.


You may not be aware that mice, cockroaches, or other pests could build nests in your home. It is possible to start a colony with only one or two people. Within hours or days, they have made themselves at home and now depend on you for their safety and your health.


The pest management industry is huge with more than 15,000 companies offering services to the public and around 150,000 pest control professionals. Pest control in the United States costs more than $6 million. It is a major responsibility to protect people's health and properties from pests. We at Westex Pest Management take this responsibility very seriously.


What's the significance of pest control?


  • Over 25% of the world’s food supply goes to rodents.

  • Rodents can also spread other pests such as mites, ticks, and fleas.

  • Rodents can transmit diseases to humans and other animals.

  • Each year, approximately 500,000 people visit the emergency room because of insect bites or stings.

  • Nearly two million Americans are allergic to stinging insects.

  • There are between 40 and 150 people who have been stung by bugs. (The American College of Allergy and Asthma and Immunology provided these facts.

  • The transmission of diseases such as Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, Plague, and Lyme Disease can occur through pests like fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes.

  • The US estimates that termites can cause property damage worth $5 billion.

  • Bed bugs were not common up until recently. The number of bed bugs is decreasing is the goal of professionals in pest control.

  • Rats bite approximately 45,000 people each year, causing diseases like ratbite fever, salmonella, and trichinosis.

  • Pest management is essential for food hygiene, food regulation, as well as health.


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