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Nov 18

Collier Homes (“Collier”) and Nic Brunsdon [formerly POST- architecture] are pleased to announce that they have formed a design and build collaborative, combining sophisticated architectural design with a proud family building tradition, now in its third generation.

The collaborative will strive to develop homes of the highest quality, which innovate around affordability, modularity, scalability and environmental responsiveness.

Collier and Nic Brunsdon are currently working on a unique North Perth residence that is about to commence construction. The clients, who are keen art collectors, wanted an architecturally designed house, suitable for a small inner-city block and which took cues from Japanese small-footprint living. The resultant design presents innovative construction methods and finishes, whilst maximising spatial efficiency — essential on a 227m2 lot.

Alberto Amara, director of Collier, commented: “The process of interacting closely with POST- created a unique design solution, while at the same time ensuring that constructability and building economics were not compromised. Too often design and construct are disconnected, which can lead to negative outcomes for project stakeholders.”

Nic Brunsdon commented: “We believe that great design should be widely accessible and by working with Collier, we access their reach, reputation, supply chains, and construction knowledge. This gives us an opportunity to work at scale to develop contextually sensitive housing that respects the site, the occupant, and sustainable principles.”

Alberto and Nic are both very excited about the collaborative. For more information, please get in touch with them.

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