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Experts say there are a few costly blunders to avoid when purchasing tiles.

Nov 17

Experts say there are a few costly blunders to avoid when purchasing tiles.


Choosing tiles is a fun project, but it also necessitates meticulous planning to ensure that you get it right the first time. Flooring and wall coverings can make or break a room, and selecting the wrong decision may be a costly mistake to rectify with San Diego flooring installation.


We've collected a list of the 11 most common mistakes to avoid when choosing tiles, as well as professional guidance, to help you make tile judgments and choose from the plethora of bathroom and kitchen tile ideas available.


1. Purchasing an insufficient number of tiles


You've spent time doing the math and double-checking that you've ordered the right number of tiles, only to discover you're still missing a few tiles from completing your bathroom or kitchen renovation. One of the most vexing sensations in the world, especially if you hired a specialist to install it!


'A common and sometimes costly mistake when ordering tiles online is not accounting for wastage and breakages, which is why we recommend ordering an extra 10% to accommodate for this,' says Hamish Smith, Ca' Pietra's Creative Director. It's a little sum to pay for the assurance that you'll have enough tiles to accomplish your project. Please bear in mind that when laying tiles in a herringbone pattern, we recommend buying 15% more to allow for all of the tricky cuts that must be made.


'It's also worth noting that the color of different batches of tiles might fluctuate, so getting it right from the outset is even more important to avoid any mismatched tones in your design.'


2. Throwing away superfluous tiles


It's just as important to save spares as it is to order enough tiles. After you've finished a project, keep any leftover tiles in case you need them again.


'Keep them somewhere safe rather than returning them to a retailer,' says Kamila Chalfin of Tile Giant. Because tiles are printed in batches and new styles are introduced every year, you may have difficulty finding an exact match in the future.


'Having spares on hand will protect you from any future unexpected repairs or replacements, reducing the need to retile the entire area,' says Amanda Telford, Marketing Manager at CTD Tiles.



3. Using the wrong tile size


Tiles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 7.5 x 15 cm metro bricks to 60 x 120 cm huge format tiles. While they allow you to design your dream home, picking the wrong size can mean the difference between a project's success and failure.


'When tiling, one of the most common design decisions is to use little tiles in small places,' says Kamila Chalfin. If you're looking for little bathroom tile ideas, you might think that large format tiles aren't for you. But this isn't the case! The more grout lines you have, the smaller your space will appear; the fewer grout lines you have, the larger the illusion of space and the smoother the finish will be.'


4. Failure to initially order a sample



Another common error is failing to order a product sample first.


'Ordering a swatch sample (a small cut of the entire tile) or a full tile sample (great for envisioning how it will look in your home) will help you see the true color, texture, and finish on a tile,' Hamish advises.



5. Cost-cutting at the expense of quality


'As the old adage goes, if you purchase cheap, you'll have to buy twice,' Hamish explains. 'Buying a lower-cost, the lower-quality product may save you money initially, but it will need to be replaced considerably more frequently than a higher-quality product.'


'When comparing encaustic cement tiles, you'll notice a wide range of prices,' explains Damla Turgut, Founder of Otto Tiles & Design. It's tempting to choose the lowest choice if you're on a limited budget. However, a lesser price implies a lower level of quality.


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