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The Corporatethief Beats Releases Free Trap Beats Download Pack

Oct 29

Daniel Hartnett is a producer, and the founder of The Corporatethief Beats a music production company based in the UK that provides high-quality rap beats for rappers and singers. The Corporatethief Beats usually sells their beats as a non-exclusive license.


Daniel has been creating music for years, but over the last few he's taken his skills to a whole new level by sharing all of its marketing secrets with those who want it. The Corporatethief Beats is the production alias used by Daniel Hartnett. Daniel is a hip hop music producer from Ireland.


Today, we're happy to announce the release of our latest product - a free trap beat download pack. We've been working hard on this new release for months and now it's finally here! This is just an introductory offer so that you can try out our work at no cost. 


Our goal is to help artists start their album or mixtape with high quality instrumentals without having to pay any money upfront. Artists should be careful about what they spend their capital on because many songs don't end up being used in the final product! When you start, you want to get a feel for the producer that is making these trap instrumentals.


Example Of Trap Instrumentals Produced By The Corporatethief Beats




"There is a whimsical nature to this Migos style trap instrumental it has melodies and commercial sounds considering the weird elements. There isn't defined structure like verse chorus, instead being open for any hip hop artist or group in order make sense with their own position on things."



The main goal behind The Corporatethief Beats Blog was originally born out of necessity. There wasn't enough material available that fully covered what it takes these days not just becoming successful but staying afloat when everything keeps evolving at such high speeds all while having your name stand proud among others also vying for attention.


With the recent surge in popularity of hip-hop and trap music, many rappers are looking for ways to get their songs heard without any upfront cost. One way that they can do this is by submitting them to our site for free download.


We love music and we know how hard it can be to find the perfect beat. That's why our goal is to help artists find their sound, as well as give producers an opportunity they might never have before - getting some exposure through us! 


If you're ever in need of new sounds or just want to try your hand at making beats yourself head over here is The Corporatethief Beats website today!


How Can The Corporatethief Beats Help Hip Hop Artists?


Have you ever thought about selling your songs on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon? Well, it's not as hard to do if you have the right beats. What's the best way to start off your morning? Why, with a free trap beat from The Corporatethief Beats ! 


They're giving away their latest production and it would be such an injustice if you missed out on this opportunity. Sign up for their newsletter today by filling in our form online here - we'll also add two eBooks about music marketing tools or how-to articles from industry leaders into that pack.


All of these free trap samples will help get that creative juices flowing and give life to any song idea! So why wait any longer when there are so many talented producers out there who can make anything sound great in an instant with their skills...


Sell Your Music On Itunes Using These 5 Free Trap Beats Pack


Link for the 5 free trap beat download pack offer


We offer our clients the opportunity to download our free trap beats pack which includes 5 beats with hooks and instrumentals. Our goal is to help you get off on your grind without having to spend any money on music production. 


If you like what you hear, we also sell premium packages of 40 beats or more at cheap rates starting at $27 per beat pack! We're confident that once you hear the quality of the 5 Free Trap Beats Download Pack, they'll be perfect for your next mixtape album or single release. 



Here artists can buy rap beats for mixtapes, albums, and singles. He uses the combination of Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Rap Drum samples and a variety of synths to create his rap beats.


Also, he strives to create a popular hip hop music marketing blog and podcast to share his digital marketing skills with new up and coming hip hop artists.


The Corporatethief beats are giving away free trap music to subscribers! You can sign up for their newsletter using this form on our website and get two eBooks about marketing tools in the industry or how-to articles from leaders who specialize in music production and music promotion when you subscribe.


The content of The Corporatethief Beat’s newsletter will not only include original Instrumentals but also Marketing Tips on how you can promote your music online.


About Daniel Hartnett – The Corporatethief Beats - Trap Beat Maker

Daniel Hartnett is a beatmaker, audio engineer, music marketer, blogger, and founder of The Corporatethief Beats. His professional music production started at Galway Technical Institute, where he studied live sound engineering and music production. At Galway, Hartnett got the first taste of Logic Pro X, which he now uses for 95 per cent of the hip-hop beats he produces. 

At The Corporatethief Beats, Daniel Hartnett creates trap beats, hip hop beats, west coast beats, pop beats, and new school-type beats. For more information, please visit our contact links below.

For more information on The CorporateThief Beats, visit his website: